14.June. 2016

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Place your original content order simply right here. How many products do you need described? Simply enter the order number, verify it’s the right amount. Remember you have a free description included in your initial order, for first time customers only, and watch your conversion rate climb. The more SEO & original content ordered, the faster you’ll notice your conversion and retentions rates rise. You’ll also notice fewer customer questions and fewer returns. That means you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business and fulfilling your orders. Click and buy now. It’s that simple. Place your original content order now and get ready to sell.

In order to increase your SEO, you need original descriptions. Manufacturer specs are duplicated by your competetion and Google now penalizes your website for duplicating content. This is important to remember if you want to grow your business. Increased activity on your site can be captured by engaging your potential customers, and one of the key ingredients to do this is the use of relevant search terms and direct writing. Product descriptions anticipate your consumers questions and feature the benefits of your product. Creative writing allows your consumer to envision themselves using your product and instills the positive emotions that they will experience once they have your product. If you have a quality product that withstands your competition and a competitive price, then writing is the next step to tilt the scales in the favor of building trust that your consumer will click order now and make the purchase.

A good business model. Quality products. Impeccable product descriptions. Consumer trust. In a competitive market, this will get you ahead of your competition and we challenge you to test the results. The more original content ordered, the more traffic you’ll have. Turning that traffic to sales with the average consumer attention span of 8 seconds, means you better be engaging your consumer directly and your server better work quickly. You do your part and we’ll handle the writing. Your success is also ours. Let’s make money, together.