Telehealth: On the Pulse of COVID

TeleHealth opportunity in the time of COVID.

In the world of Advertising, you must ask fast. Communicate with your clients, customers and turn obstacles into opportunities. COVID did just that for TeleHealth, it forced it into the limelight and provided patients with a new way to do business.

The Word Post was fortunate enough to be chosen to address providers to inform and explain of the innovative solutions that LiquidLending was offering and so did. This was a great opportunity to be at the pulse of an industry changing moment with a client that was instrumental to the way Healthcare has traditionally been handled.

For so many years working in the health care industry, we know our clients were very limited by restrictions to what they could provide. Being a part of this small campaign to reduce prices and rush to offer and develop platforms at a fraction of the price for providers was a feel-good project. It is great to be able to work for great clients that have their customers best intentions in mind and are willing to sacrifice profit to help hasten the change for the greater good at large.

Communication is an essential component in advertising to develop branding, tone, your corporate identity and to express your values at every turn of the way. Throughout platforms and media vehicles, its essential to carve out your identity in the way you rise to the occassion.

We are so happy to have been a part of this project.

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