Website SEO & Platform Transfer

Exciting project, newly redesigned and launched. See for yourself what an awesome brand!

COVID hit and the nauseatingly frantic tensions had arisen in grocery stores, an awesome client came my way. I was graced to meet and begin a new exciting project. What was only going to be a small SEO project expanded exponentially.

This amazing business CustomTapHandles.nethas been in the family for generations. Now operated by two brothers, industry leaders in the beer tap handle industry as well as many other promotional items, they are now taking their online advertising to the industry forefront.

With a new marketing strategy, new website and advertising tactics in effect they are headed to the top of the search engine soon. Look for them at number one online…and if you are at a local pub or brewery, check their site to see if they made the tap handles you are staring at! Chances are, they did!

Check them out!

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