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Do you have a website that needs a writing boost? Perhaps a change of tone or style? Have you written with SEO optimization in mind? Or any proofreading you may need. Price per web page, roughly 500 words. And, if you've never purchased from us before, your first proofread or product description is free.

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Do you have an existing website? Are you looking to optimize your writing? Are you looking to set a branding tone or style to stand apart from your competition? Well, that's our expertise & we'd love to help. We offer our first time customers the first page proofread for free, simply enter the coupon code. Then we'll be happy to begin our proofreading process. We do request that you purchase all the proofreading you may need at one time, as it helps develop the style and ensure consistency.
For example, if you order only one page proofread(with one free that is two) we will modify those two, to your initial specifications. If you then decide you want additional pages proofread, we may find ourselves at a stylistic crossroads. One of the most important rules in advertising is consistency in brand image. Therefore if you are looking to develop an entire new style for your website in tonality, please clarify that you are looking for a rewrite instead of merely a proofread (no change in price, only in strategy). Otherwise to maintain a consistent image with your existing tone, we may miss an opportunity to steer a better course. If you then decide to change the existing tone, we will have to re-do the work and we don't want to waste neither time or money.
Think about your goals before ordering and if you have any questions lets discuss your goals before you order. We will contact you upon receiving your order. And we are simply a call or an email away, and trust us, it is worth the phone call. One minute of strategy discussion answers questions that save time. We want you to be satisfied and our writing to excel. Excellence takes thought and planning. A gathering of minds combines our shared experience to direct our language to suit your goals. So let's get started. If you know what you want and need, order your proofreading now. We'll chat briefly. And, if you have any further questions, comments or goals, call us. We look forward to writing for you and bettering whatever you already have written.
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