26.June. 2016

Product Description Writing & More

The New Need for Product Description Writing.

Writing is an art. There are many kinds, from poetry to punch lines. When it comes to online writing it is the fastest, constantly changing writing medium. Necessary if you want your product to be seen by consumers searching for your product and if you want to achieve high rankings in searches. Therefore, writing concisely for your target market and selectively for search engine optimization is a double edged sword of which Takes evolutionry strategy and mastery. The master writers have three audiences in one: search engine evolving best practices, SEO  and the human audience specifically.

Rooted in traditional advertising and target market research with decades of SEO writing skills, we keep a fluid foundation to move with the changing market and reach your goals. Constantly sharpening our skills, we are committed to writing that sells. No one likes returns. Not the buyer surprised that an item is not as pictured, nor the seller and the best way to do this is with an all-encompassing writing that delivers what it promises. Not too wordy but choosing the key right words. Not too descriptive but anticipating your consumers’ questions. And, the skill of writing comes with the skill of understanding consumer needs and target audiences, deom B2B ti B2C, with a Paychology degree adding to understanding people, tone and brand identy. Experience is key here. And that is what we offer. Words that will answer questions to make the final sale. Strategic writing to communicate effectively to your audience while optimizing the efficiency of your business.

We will be the hands that touch your product, the eyes that bring clarity to your consumer about your product, describing precisely what you are selling to ultmately make the sale for you. Foreseeing the question, answering it and obliterating doubt. Putting your product at the very top of search engine notoriety and increasing the chances that your consumer finds you before your competition. Obviously this takes more than one product description, ans commitment to your brand.

However as a courtrsy to you, our promise is that we will give you one free product description with your first order. We simply ask that you have the product online already and have analytics to monitor your consumer behavior. Then you can replace your current description with ours and test it the ranking for improvement. Go ahead. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Here is a basic recipe of how we do it. It’s our knockout recipe of the big-bang-boom combo:

Firstly, we  use sensory words to describe your product along with the technical language . Using writing that is gripping, descriptive, revealing and enticing ans brand specific gives your knowledgeable consumers The information they want. The ones that know what they want only want to know that they found what they want.

Secondly, we further describe your product for consumers that don’t necessarily know what they want but they are still reading because they are still intrigued. The want to touch. They want to see more carefully. They aren’t sold, so we continue to sell.

Then, we address, depending on the market, pertinent industry facts, depending on what the product is. This educates your consumer and helps your product get keyed in to industry trends or builds your website notoriety in the general marketplace. Only your most educated and interested customers will get to read this.

Finally, we sum it all up. For those that missed the content amd scrolled through, [just as sportscasters give the highlights], and found themselves at to the end with no recollection of what they skimmed, we highlight the best, target the consumer need, the market trend and write To assist in the visibility of your product to your consumer. Target market-centered, search engine driven focused writing is what we do. Call to ACTION

We do all jinds of writing, editing and proofreading for your site, TV, radio and print campaigns, all kinds of writing, drom technical to creative, geared to sell. Writing to garner your notoriety, via search engine and consumer. From social media to billboards.

In this online market, a picture is no longer enough. However that is what some do. Good writing can reduce customer service questions, liberate time for your workforce, increase your sales, elevate your consumer satisfaction, earn you better product reviews, increase search engine ranking and customer retention. Afterall, happy customers not only will be repeat customers, but they will also provide word of mouth advertising. To breaking through in this competitive market you need clear copy, consistent tone and competitive messaging so your products sell themselves. What are your goals? Let us help, from Marketing Plan creation to reviews, let’s discuss what opportunities we can create to reach your goals. That is the power of good writing, from Press Releases to presentaions, writing so well that you run out of stock is our goal!