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Product Descriptions.

We reach your target customers with words that answer their questions, appeal to their senses, in a language that speaks precisely and directly to them using SEO best practices to increase your site ranking in search engines.

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Our Knowledge.

Decades of print, web, PR and TV writing geared to sell. Writing that is rooted in years of market research drives sales with an innate understanding of your target market.

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Our Promise.

Strategic keywords earn your site recognition with user friendly wording minimizes the time you will have to spend on the phone with your customers. We write so that your sale is a done deal.

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Our Goal.

To set the tone using precise words that explain & describe your products concisely which in turn, saves you and your customers time and money. Give your sales staff a break.

Words, Well Chosen.

Make a world of difference in this day and age.
"Well written content can improve usability by 124%" — How Users Read on the Web, Jakob Nielsen, Usability Expert

Just the right number of words say it best. No one likes to get stuck reading more than they have to, especially these days. Writing that is geared to sell, anticipates your customers' questions and sells your product. With expertise across all types of writing, legal to truck engines, shopping malls to restaurants, fast-food chains to designer retail, insurance to electronic cigarettes, experience in speaking to varied customers across the country and the world, our words are articulate, precise, specific and competitively priced. As a matter of fact, we will give you a free product description, to use on your website so you see the difference. We invite you to test our skills and ask that you come back to us with your analytic feedback so as to see results. After all, your results are the goal of our writing. Quality counts.

  • "Quality product descriptions can transform e-commerce conversion rates — it’s common to see increases of 30-100%."

  • 4 site features were tested, the results show product description generated a "78% relative change conversion."

  • "Price remains king, with 84% of consumers designating it as one of the top three factors that cause them to buy. 63% percent named product descriptions..."

  • Remember when copy-pasting manufactuer descriptions, "sites with duplicate content have been getting penalized by Google."

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Liane Ojito

Head Wordsmith
Creative Writer. Corporate Writer. Copywriter. Songwriter. Lived in major cities including Miami, LA, NY, Austin, DC, Nashville & Philadelphia, inherently understands consumers across the nation, personable and professional, master-crafter of words that cater to a multitude of customers.

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